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Miranda White-McDougall


Miranda embodies a spirit of determination and a passion for forging her own path. Hailing from the coastal town of Forster, Miranda found herself drawn to new horizons, prompting a courageous solo move to the picturesque Sunshine Coast in pursuit of fresh opportunities.

With a culinary heart and a flair for mixology, Miranda initially carved her niche in the world of hospitality, honing her skills as both a cook and a bartender. Miranda's unwavering ambition and adaptability led her to explore beyond the familiar realms of the kitchen and bar.

Recognizing the potential for growth and development, she transitioned seamlessly into the dynamic field of real estate. Her keen eye for detail, exceptional organizational skills, and friendly demeanor positioned her perfectly for a new role as a receptionist in the real estate industry.

Miranda's decision to chart her course to the Sunshine Coast was not just a geographical relocation; it was a bold step towards personal and professional enrichment. Her tenacity, coupled with her warm and approachable nature, has not only helped her secure a role in real estate but has also endeared her to colleagues and clients alike.